About Us

Welcome to Blue Collar Profits

Who We Are

We are a team of home service and ServiceTitan Experts. All members of our consulting team have either operated at a service company or worked at ServiceTitan. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help service companies leverage technology to work for them to make their businesses more profitable and easier to operate

What We Do

We help companies implement and optimize ServiceTitan and other technologies to ensure they are getting the most out of them. We also offer financial analysis and lean management training to help owners operate efficiently and, most importantly, profitably! 

Our History

Blue Collar Profits started when the industry started undergoing what the founders call the "Blue Collar Technological revolution". Sure, air conditioning companies, plumbing companies, roofers, and other companies have been using computers for a long time but in the mid-2000’s the cost of technology came down substantially and the benefit of it started to skyrocket. This justified and enabled a lot of companies to not only track some key metrics but to forecast based on loads of them.

Suddenly, companies could have more data than they ever thought possible but there was still a problem. Someone had to implement that technology in a way that would not hurt the company financially. There are loads of technology consultants out there but Blue Collar profits was founded by people that have run and continue to run home service companies in the 21st century. We believe that all technology adopted must be worth its investment and must benefit the company and add to the bottom line.

Since its founding, multiple small business experts and computer programmers have joined the team to create what is now, Blue Collar Profits. BCP offers a number of different services including Leadership TrainingLEAN Management TrainingFinancial Consulting for Blue Collar companies, and ServiceTitan Optimizations.


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Meet the team


Justin Trout

Justin comes to Blue Collar most recently from ServiceTitan support, where he spent 2+ years. He has been in the technology sector for the last 5 years.


Michael Carey

Michael was the Lead Implementation Project Manager for Enterprise Accounts at ServiceTitan before joining the Blue Collar Profits Team


Moroni Elliot Montuy

Moroni comes from a background in Information Technology and Business Profitability Analysis


Dorothy Allison

Before coming to Blue Collar Profits, Dorothy was a Senior Enterprise Implementation Project Manager at ServiceTitan.

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